Tuesday, May 2, 2017

365 Photos a Year: Day 122: Driftwood Beach

Here are some shots of driftwood that I got on Driftwood Beach while visiting Jekyll Island. Y'all, the driftwood is so cool!

This is my favorite driftwood shot. I saw the big piece framing the others down the beach and had to get it if I could. I think it turned out well.

 I love the colors of this one. I didn't get the sun but got the glow.

 I love this one with my baby in it.

 I like how the wood is diagonal in this shot. I thought that looked good.

 This piece looked like a sea creature to me.

 I thought this one looked like a rock and I liked the creepy limbs above it.

 I just like the texture. 

 There was a crooked man...

It looks like it's growing out of the sand.

If y'all ever get a chance to visit Driftwood Beach, take it. It is a beautiful place, especially at sunrise or sunset, but any time is cool.


  1. What a cool place! Great shots.

    1. Thank you. I wanted to go back the morning we left and get sunrise shots. I wanted some wide shots. I just couldn't get up early though. We plan to go back there again sometime.