Thursday, June 15, 2017

365 Photos a Year: Day 165: Favorite Photos of my Great Nephew

My great nephew, Oliver, was born on June 13th. He is such a cutie, y'all. I just wanna squeeze him! I had so much fun taking his photos and know that I'm going to continue to for as long as his mom can stand Here are my favorite photos of him so far.

 I love how he was crossing his legs and I am crazy about baby feet!

Baby feet are just so cute!

 More baby I might just have a problem.

 I LOVE this photo. He was definitely voicing his displeasure.

 Baby fingers!

 Baby noses.

 His cute little shorts.


 So sweet in his hat a lady at the hospital makes.

 Trying out his eyes.

Watching me take his photo.

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