Sunday, June 25, 2017

365 Photos a Year: Day 175: Daises at Gainesville Botanical Gardens

I love daises and we saw plenty of them on our visit to Gainesville Botanical Gardens with my photography club today. I know some people will think it crazy that I picked the daises to edit first out of all the colorful flowers, but what can I say. I just like 'em.

This is my favorite daisy shot of the day. I love the moodiness of the shot.

 I was happy that the purple of the leaves showed behind these. I kept working on my angle trying to achieve this outcome. 

 I like the natural two color background in this one.

 Living on the edge.

 I like all the raindrops on this one.

 I like that this one almost looks like a painting in the background.

Flying daisies!

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