Monday, July 3, 2017

365 Photos a Year: Day 183: Ribbit the Exhibit at Gainesville Botanical Gardens.

I just loved all the frogs in the Ribbit the Exhibit going on at the Gainesville Botanical Gardens. They were so fun and cute. It says they have 23 sculptures. I don't have photos of that many. I believe I got 18 different frogs. Not sure where the others were that I missed.

 This guy greets you at the door.

 Helping with landscaping.

 I liked these two dancing a jig.

Got a little artsy with this one.

 Playing music for the others to dance by.

 He watches over the lily pond.

 Fishing in the lily pond.

He caught him a fish.

 Not sure what he's shooting with his bow.

 Just relaxing.

What frog doesn't want a turtle to ride?

 Demure frog.

 Helping water the flowers.

 Good place to meditate.

 Having his morning coffee.

Is that the ball he tells the future with?

 Bird watching. Another artsy shot.

 He was a cute one.

Long shot of him.

 It would be a nice place to paint.

He doesn't have much on there yet.

 Not the usual way a frog would catch a butterfly.

Another artsy shot.

Hope y'all enjoyed the frog sculptures. You should go to the gardens if you get a chance and see them in person.

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